May 21, 2024

The Boogeyman (2023 Movie) Overview

The Boogeyman (2023 Movie) Overview

The Boogeyman (2023 Movie) overview. Explore the plot, cast and more.

“The Boogeyman” offers a few well-executed jump scares and gripping moments (the return of the tooth definitely sent a satisfying chill down the spine). It also follows some typical horror movie tropes’. Characters venturing into dark areas and shouting “hello.” Unlike certain other Stephen King adaptations such as “The Shining” or “Carrie” which delve into horror as a means to explore human vulnerabilities and fears. The Boogeyman opts for a more straightforward approach, Which is not necessarily a negative choice. While it could have incorporated more depth. It still maintains enough suspense to keep viewers engaged without dozing off or checking their phones. Vivien Lyra Blair known for her role as Princess Leia in “Obi-Wan Kenobi” continues to charm with her adorable presence.

The Boogeyman has been used across various cultures for several centuries. In many places including America. it is a name that carries a sense of amusement. It is often invoked as a warning to misbehaving children like saying “Behave or the Boogeyman will come for you. It is also what our easily frightened childhood imaginations become fixated on at night. When we are in our beds in the darkness we ca not help but imagine some eerie creature.The Boogeyman lurking beneath our beds ready to grab our feet or hiding in our closets patiently waiting for us to drift off to sleep.

Sadie Harper a high school student and her younger sister (Sawyer) are struggling to cope with the recent loss of their mother. Their father who works as a therapist, is also dealing with his own deep emotional pain and is not able to provide them with much support. Things take a sinister turn when an anxious patient arrives at their home seeking assistance. Unknowingly unleashing a horrifying supernatural entity that targets families and thrives on their anguish and misery.

The Boogeyman Film Released On: 2 June 2023

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