May 21, 2024

Lakeerein Movie 2023 Review, Cast, Review, Trailer, Release Date

Lakeerein Movie 2023 Review, Cast, Review, Trailer, Release Date

Lakeerein Movie 2023 Review, Cast, Review, Trailer, Release Date

The Drama addresses the sensitive topic of marital rape and consent within marriage. Trade analyst Taran Adarsh shared this information on Instagram on a Tuesday. direction by Durgesh Pathak and produced by Naval Kishore Tandon, Kavita Pathak and Dinesh Kumar.

The central theme of the film is Kavya struggle for justice highlighting the legal and societal obstacles faced by victims of marital rape. Set in well known locations in Uttar Pradesh. Lakeerein depicts the enduring impact of marital rape on Kavya life as well as on her maid Naseema and her friend Anita. Both of whom have also suffered similar experiences in their marriages. In the courtroom, Bidita Bag character, Advocate Geeta Bishwas goes head to head with Ashutosh Rana character, Advocate Dudhari Singh. Geeta fight against injustice raises questions about society moral values and its willingness to acknowledge the issue of marital rape.

This film serves as a powerful call for transformation. It dares to challenge prevailing societal standards, scrutinizes the ethics of our legal system and advocates for the acknowledgment of marital rape as a criminal offense. The movie encourages us to contemplate the significance of consent and the imperative to ensure safeguard and justice for married women who endure such dreadful experiences within their marriages.

Lakeerein  is an upcoming Indian socio-drama film scheduled for release on 3rd November 2023.

Lakeerein is a 2023 Indian movie cast members:

  1. Ashutosh Rana as Dudhari Singh
  2. Bidita Bag as Geeta Biswas
  3. Gaurav Chopra as Professor Vivek Damodar Agnihotri
  4. Tia Bajpai as Kavya Agnihotri
  5. Rajesh Jais as Purushottam Bharti
  6. Saharsh Shukla as Adv. Sagar Srivastava
  7. Aman Verma as Ravi Verma
  8. Mukesh Bhatt as Rambabu
  9. Anil Rastogi as Padam Singh
  10. Aditi Dixit as Naseema
  11. Kasim as Ali Mohd.
  12. Meenakshi Arya as Anita
  13. Purnima Tiwari as Neelu
  14. Rehan Kedwai as Altaf Bhai (Geeta’s driver)
  15. Samreen Siddiqui as Anchor
  16. Aayushi Sharma as Field Reporter

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