May 21, 2024

It Lives Inside (Horror Film 2023)

It Lives Inside (Horror Film 2023)

It Lives Inside (Horror Film 2023)

It Lives Inside (Horror Film 2023) Cast

  1. Megan Suri as Sam / Samidha
  2. Neeru Bajwa as Poorna
  3. Mohana Krishnan as Tamira
  4. Betty Gabriel as Joyce
  5. Vik Sahay as Inesh
  6. Gage Marsh as Russ
  7. Jenaya Ross as The Pishach

“It Lives Inside” is a 2023 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Bishal Dutta, starring Megan Suri. The movie made its debut at the 2023 South by Southwest film festival and was subsequently released by Neon on September 22, 2023.

Movie Plot

In the realm of American high school life, we find Samidha known as “Sam” a student of East Indian descent, undergoing a complex journey of assimilation into Western society. Her mother, Poorna remains resolute in her stance that Sam should steadfastly uphold her cultural traditions and honor her heritage. In stark contrast, Sam’s father, Inesh, adopts a more lenient perspective. Within the school walls, Sam endeavors to distance herself from her cultural roots in order to align with her Caucasian peers.  However, this transformation comes at a price, causing her to drift away from her once-close friend and fellow Indian student, Tamira. The latter has become a social pariah due to her withdrawn behavior and her enigmatic possession of a peculiar glass jar. This has raised concerns, particularly for their teacher, Joyce, although Sam remains convinced of Tamiras well-being.

Under the shroud of night, Tamira, in secrecy, feeds the enigmatic jar with raw meat. Nonetheless, an unforeseen malevolence lurking within the vessel initiates a process of self-destruction. The following day, in the locker room’s seclusion, Tamira approaches Sam, beseeching her assistance. She reveals a haunting truth – an entity, the stuff of legends from their childhood, resides within the enigmatic jar she carries. Sam, feeling both embarrassment and exasperation towards Tamira, smashes open the jar, unwittingly triggering a severe panic attack. In her absence Tamira falls prey to an invisible assailant vanishing without a trace. Sams guilt begins to consume her fostering suspicions of a sinister force at play. She retrieves a notebook from Tamira housing cryptic Sanskrit inscriptions.

Gradually it unravels that Tamira has been abducted and is being held captive by the malevolent entity. Which subjects her to brutal assaults and mutilation. Meanwhile starts detecting an eerie presence in her surroundings and commences an investigation into Tamiras extraordinary claims. Concurrently, Poorna’s frustration mounts as Sam continues to forsake Indian traditions, even omitting a significant prayer for Tamira to spend time with Russ. Sam and Russ venture into an abandoned dwelling that previously belonged to another Indian student, Karan, whose family’s demise was shrouded in a presumed murder-suicide.

On a subsequent visit to Karan’s abode, Sam and Russ share an intimate moment, culminating in a kiss. However, tragedy strikes when Russ falls victim to an imperceptible supernatural entity, brutally slain before Sam’s eyes.Desperate for assistance, she convinces Joyce to assist her in deciphering the enigmatic texts within Tamira’s notebook. The sole method of restraint involves sealing it within a container, similar to the fateful jar. Sam implores Poorna for support, and a plan takes shape to lure out the Pishach. As Sam and her mother prepare a traditional Indian feast, clad in traditional attire, Joyce becomes the target of a brutal entity’s assault at the school, sustaining grievous injuries.

Inesh arrives home, only to fall victim to a violent attack by the Pishach. It subsequently targets Poorna before being repelled. Sam comes to a chilling realization that Tamira is imprisoned within Karan’s residence, prompting her to race to the scene in an attempt to rescue her friend.A decision is made, one with dire consequences, as Sam consents to become the vessel for the malevolent spirit, willingly offering herself as a host.

A year later, Sam shares a meal with Tamira, Joyce, Poorna, and Inesh, all of whom have made a remarkable recovery. They have managed to subdue the entity by feeding Sam with raw meat, much akin to Tamira’s efforts with the fateful jar. In this moment, Sam and Tamira reconcile. However, an unsettling unease gradually takes hold of Sam as she reassures Tamira that the Pishach remains contained, ultimately giving way to a torrent of tears.

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